Club Classics – 50 Years Of Northern Soul


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Release date: 29 Jun 2018
Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 2
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28 track double vinyl collection of Classic Northern Soul sounds that traces of timeline from the early days of the R&B and mod tunes through to the Wigan Casino and to the later discs that would be championed at places like Blackpool Mecca’s Highland Room. Benny Spellman’s ‘Fortune Teller’, Ruby Andrews’ ‘Just Loving You’, Sidney Barnes’ ‘I Hurt On The Other Side’ and Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs’ ‘Being Without You’ mix with The Anderson Brothers’ ‘I Can See Him Loving You’, Ann Sexton ‘You’ve Been Gone Too Long’, Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson ‘The Bottle’, Skull Snaps ‘I’m Your Pimp’ and Connie Laverne’s ‘Can’t Live Without You’ among many others.


Side 1
1. Linda Jones – “You Hit Me Like TNT”
2. Benny Spellman – “Fortune Teller”
3. Clarence Murray – “Don’t Talk Like That”
4. Little Richie – “Just Another Heartache”
5. Alvin Cash & The The Crawlers – “Twine Time”
6. Lee Dorsey – “Ride Your Pony”
7. The COD’S – “Michael”
Side 2
1. The Du-ettes – “Every Beat Of My Heart”
2. The Sharpees – “Do The 45”
3. Joe Simon – “The Girl’s Alright With Me”
4. Johnny Dynamite – “The Night The Angels Cried”
5. The Ad Libs – “Nothing’s Worde Than Being Alone”
6. Van McCoy – “Sweet & Easy”
7. Ruby Andrews – “Just Loving You”
Side 3
1. Sidney Barnes – “I Hurt On The Other Side”
2. Lydia Marcelle – “It’s Not Like You”
3. Jerry Williams – “If You Aks Me (Because I Love You)”
4. Maurice Williams & The Zodiacs – “Being Without You”
5. Bob Wilson – “Suzy’s Serenade”
6. Jerry Fuller – “Double Life”
7. Ron Holden – “I’ll Forgive & Forget”
Side 4
1. Blanch Carter – “Halos Are For Angels”
2. The Electrifying Cashmeres – “What Does It Take (To Win Your Love)”
3. Connie Laverne – “Can’t Live Without You”
4. The Anderson Brothers – “I Can See Him Loving You”
5. Ann Sexton – “You’ve Been Gone Too Long”
6. Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – “The Bottle”
7. Skull Snaps – “I’m Your Pimp”




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