Colin Curtis Presents Indigo Jam Unit


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Format: LP, Vinyl
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Colin Curtis has championed many great contemporary Jazz-Dance artists, so it is only natural that he should compile a superb LP featuring the best dance floor tracks from Japanese Band Indigo Jam Unit for Paul Murphy's Jazz Room label. Indigo Jam unit have recorded numerous albums which have been released on CD in Japan, but I believe are making their first appearance on vinyl.

‘Rush’ is an appropriate title for the first track that epitomizes their urgent style led by a throbbing Contrabass from Katsuhiko Sasai, over a constant rhythm from drummers Takehiro Shimizu and Isao Wasano with Yoshichika Tarue tinkling Piano as a contrast. ‘Time’ is another bass led Jazz Dancer that runs a 100mph groove, try keeping up with this on your feet!

‘Danza Eterna’, ‘El Caminos’, ‘Matador’ , Tomatina’ , ‘Raindance’ and ‘Descarga’ all have a Latin feel, and the raw passion that these guys displayed on most of their material.
Great stuff.


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