Come With Me/Lost In Amazonia


Format: 7" single, Vinyl

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Release date: 24 Jun 2022
Format: 7" single, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
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Tania Maria – Come With Me (Soul Brother Records)



Tania Maria is a singer, composer and pianist from Brazil, well known for her fearsome chops and unmatched ability to play intricate piano lines while also singing them note for note. During the early 80’s, albums of hers started filtering to British Audiences via the Jazz-Funk and Jazz-Dance scenes: albums on the Concorde Jazz Picante label such as Piquant (featuring the Latin Jazz Dance classic Yatra Ta), Explosion (Funky Tamborim) and Taurus (Eruption) cemented her popularity and garnered her a well-earned reputation in the Jazz community. She  booked herself a gig in London during the early 80’s at the Shaw Theatre in Kings Cross, arranged by London Jazz afficionado Paul Murphy—denoting her clout in the world of underground Jazz circles. Come With Me is arguably her best known and most popular track from that period, only previously existing on seven inch as a promo only single, exchanging hands now for over £125.00. The session was produced by Carl E Jefferson, who had run Concord Records since 1972, while Maria’s musical career began in earnest in 1969. Since then, she’s received Grammy nominations and performed all over the world, headlining major Jazz festivals and featuring prominently throughout the worldwide club circuit.


Come With Me is a sumptuous stepper, a masterclass in Jazz-Funk-Fusion with a unique Brazilian accent that makes it an ideal track for a summer’s day, served best with an ice cold caipirinha and a fortified dose of sunshine. The key stabs and chord changes settle gently between robust slap basslines, with Maria’s sunkissed voice joyously traversing the scales, accented with her tropical Brazilian lilt. She sings in English, somewhat of a rarity for her during this period where she often chose to sing exclusively in Portuguese. Pinpoint timed percussion draws out the song’s exotic register, while the track constantly homes in on a nimble and tight groove, backed up by funky musicianship. An outstanding track which surprisingly never saw a commercial single issue back in the day, a universally appreciated Jazz-Funk groove and another fine piece of A&R from Laurence Prangell. Kudos to you, governor.


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