Complete 1 & 2 Feet In The Gutter


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Format: CD
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Number of discs: 2
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‘Complete 1 & 2 Feet in the Gutter Sessions’ features Dave Bailey’s complete One and Two Feet In The Gutter Sessions for the first time ever on one release. The July 19 & 20, 1960 ‘One Foot In The Gutter’ Session also spawned the track ‘Brownie Speaks’ which has previously only been released on a Columbia sampler LP. This edition marks the first time that the complete ‘One Foot In The Gutter session’ has been issued on one edition and the first time that this version of Brownie Speaks, as well as Bailey’s phenomenal ‘Gettin’ Into Somethin’ LP, are available on CD. The album ‘Two Feet In The Gutter’ rounds off Dave Bailey’s Epic output, all of which can be found on this release. This release also contains the three alternate takes from Dave Bailey’s Jazztime LP ‘Reaching Out’.

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Disc 1

Disc 2


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