Complete Recordings(Monor Move/True Blue/Back To The Tracks/The Waiting Game)


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Saxophonist Tina Brooks recorded only four albums solely under his name, all for Blue Note and all feature on this double CD. Of the four, ‘True Blue’ was the only set that achieved a contemporary release. The other releases – ‘Minor Move’, ‘Back To The Tracks’ and ‘The Waiting Game’ – were issued subsequent to Brook’s premature death (in 1974). ‘True Blue’ dates from 1960 and Brooks is in fine form. His soulful and lyrical style is not unlike Hank Mobley and is complimented on this set by stellar performances by a 22 year old Freddie Hubbard. Together they produce magic. Original New York pressings of ‘True Blue’ on vinyl fetch silly money partly due to the small number produced and partly because no reissue/ repress occurred until the 1980’s. The title cut has long been a favourite with Jazz dance lovers with its staccato rhythm. ‘True Blue’ is, however, no one tracker, indeed this upbeat selection is classic Hard Bop. There is not a dud in sight with five of the six tracks written by Tina himself. Of those the opener ‘Good Old Soul’, ‘Miss Hazel’ and ‘Theme For Doris’ shine on what is an outstanding record.
‘Minor Move’ is Brooks’ first solo recording session from 1958. Trumpeter Lee Morgan and pianist Sonny Clark – all three of whom departed this world too early – share the spotlight. The rhythm section shows an unusually subtle Art Blakey cook with bassist Doug Watkins. ‘Nutville’ opens the set with a typically Hard Bop swing. Clark and Brooks dovetail their solos beautifully on the fast paced Fred Astaire standard ‘The Way You look Tonight’.
Like ‘True Blue’, ‘Back To The Tracks’ hails from 1960. It is another cooking session, whose title cut fires the album into action and Tina Brooks swings hard and here he resembles Hank Mobley most. Likewise with the kicking ‘The Blues And I’, on a blind test I would swear this is Mobley. Even Brooks’ composition echoes Mobley. Brooks’ lyrical approach to the tenor surfaces once more on the cover of Nat King Cole’s ‘The Ruby On The Pearl’. However, the whole band gets this one as they go for it. Pianist Kenny Drew nails it and the horn section of Brooks, Jackie McLean and Blue Mitchell infuse a Latin and Middle Eastern flavour.
‘The Waiting Game’ was Brooks’ last solo recording from 1961. His drug related health problems eventually took its toll and he passed away thirteen years later. The album’s title is more than apt as the album was finally released in 2002 forty one years after being recorded. Brooks’ shares the spotlight with trumpeter Johnny Coles and pianist Kenny Drew, both of whom were under represented on Blue Note. They swing joyfully on ‘Dhyana’ and forcefully on the heavier ‘David The King’. The beauty of Tina Brooks’ saxophone playing is highlighted on the only standard from this set ‘Stranger In Paradise’ (from the musical ‘Kismet’).
Tina Brooks’ short solo career is sadly testament to the precarious nature of a career in Jazz, but this double CD should be enjoyed for what it is…Hard Bop near or at its best.

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