Country Hustle


Format: CD

Format: CD
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Multi-style straddling Jeb Loy Nichols’ music is steeped in a broad spread of influences with his sounds refusing to fit neatly into one easily defined genre box and ‘Country Hustle’ continues his diverse brand of folk/country infused southern funky soul that also grabs at strands from hip hop to electronica and stops in between. The languid ‘Come See Me’ hints at reggae and African touches before evolving into a head nodding beat ballad, ‘Don’t Drop Me’ has a blue-eyed soul groove that fits his worn edged voice while ‘That’s How We Living’ brings back the ‘Truth & Soul’ guitar lick and atmosphere of some of the cuts from his previous album. ‘Till The Teardrop Fall’ sounds like the kind of thing you’d hear Mayer Hawthorne drop – a restrained, super cool folky soul vocal over an organic dance groove – while the funky drums of ‘Regret’ is another strong point. Check also the covers of Razzy’s ‘I Hate Hate’ and Luther’s ‘Never Too Much’. Another good offering from Mr Nichols.

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