Dance (CD)


Release date: 9 Apr 2021
Grade: New (About gradings)
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Kamal Abdul Alim assembled a great set of
musicians The Brothers for his debut and
seemingly only album Dance. Idris
Muhammad under pins the rhythm with some
great drumming. Bobby Watson on Sax and
James Spaulding on Flute join Kamal in the
horn section. The album was recorded in 1983
in New York but was only released in 1987.
The album has been in demand and hard to
find ever since the 90’s.
It includes the Jazz dance classic
‘Brotherhood’ a brilliant flowing track with a
driving rhythm, sure to get you boppin around.

It is a strong album throughout and includes
the up tempo Dance which has a heavy
rhythm and ‘Al Nafs’, a lovely driving modal
Jazz dancer, plus the beautiful Spiritual Jazz
‘Peace’ and ‘Prayer’ which sound better with
each play. Really nice album throughout.

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