Displaced Diaspora


Format: CD

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Release date: 12 Oct 2018
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
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Award winning UK Drummer Moses has assembled a cast of Jazz and Soul talent on the effervescent ‘Displaced Diaspora’, that includes Joe Armon-Jones, Terri Walker, Zara McFarlane and Kevin Haynes’ Groupo Elegua. The blend of styles and tempos is varied from the laid back, Yoruba vocal of ‘Rush Hour’ to the funky, clattering rhythms of Frontline’ and the pacey, razor sharp ‘Rye Lane Shuffle’. The smoky ‘City Noctunre’ featuring Zara McFarlane’ is a mature piece of mellow jazz, the hip hop/jazzer ‘Waiting For The Night Bus’ with Terri Walker has the chaotic vibe of the inner city after dark while ‘Ancestors’ takes it back to Africa with a polyrhythmic feel in the groove and some spacey keys courtesy of Joe Armon-Jones. Fine album.

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