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Release date: 22 Jun 2018
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
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Drummer and producer Nick Woodmansey leads the Emanative project on a set of multi-cultural UK jazz tracks that draw on African, Indian and Middle Eastern influences. ‘Earth’ is the first full length for the outfit since 2015 in counts acclaimed players such as Ackamoor of US spiritual jazz legends The Pyramids, Afrobeat legend Dele Sosimi (previously of Fela Kuti’s Africa 80), Manchester’s Nat Birchall and The Heliocentrics’ Malcolm Catto among others. Highlights include the percussive, East African groove of ‘Heaven’s Mirror’, the Nile-dub of ‘Spice Routes’ feat. Nat Birchall, the jaunty tempo of ‘Reflection’ feat Liz Elensky on vocals, the spiritual vocal of ‘New Day’ as well as the beat heavy ‘Minutes To Midnight For This Planet’. ‘Raga Requiem’ is also a strong point on an album that shows how strong UK jazz is right now.

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