Eccentric Northern Soul (clear brown smoke vinyl)


Format: LP

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Format: LP
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 1
SKU: 57351
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Side A

Out Of Sights – Tears Don’t Care

The Sequins – He’s A Flirt

Morris Chestnut – Too Darn Soulful

The Sensations – Demanding Man

The Extremes – How I Need Your Love

Ed Crook – That’s Alright

Carl Henderson – That Girl

Bob & Fred – I’ll Be On My Way

Side B

Elvin Spencer – Lift This Hurt

Syl Johnson – One Way Ticket To Nowhere

Eula Cooper – Standing By Love

Barbara Stant – My Mind Holds On To Yesterday

Ty Karim – Lighten Up

Stormy – I Won’t Stop To Cry

Royal Jesters – Use Your Head

Otis Brown – I’m Ready For Love


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