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Format: CD

Format: CD
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Producers turned artists in their own right, the Atlanta trio Edgewood Agents have fused their combined loves of old school funk, disco, soul and boogie to present their debut album. You’ll recognise the unmistakeable tones of Leroy Burgess on the opener ‘Tonight We’re Gonna’ a proper throwback dancefloor burner, while the broken beat fusion of ‘Samara Smiles’ has an infectious hip swaying groove. The cosmic vibe of ‘Striving’ is a wonderful, soaring slab of jazz funk (think the recent Sultan’s Swing release) while ‘Reach Ya’ has a sumery bossa feel with a great soulful lead. ‘Amsterdam’ is a super-catchy, uplifting sweetly sung groove while ‘Journey Into Day’ while ‘Hermosa’ has unmistakable touches of Grusin/Benson about it. Strong offering here. Don’t miss!

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  1. Ian Thomas (verified owner)

    This is a really nice album. There is no real filling up tracks, the use of different vocalists and some instrumentals keeps the whole thing interesting from start to finish.

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