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Fusing Old School R&B, funk and gospel within a contemporary framework the debut album from the lead singer with the Jazzhole, is being hailed as one of the best male vocal albums of the year so far. He has worked with artists like Sting, Michael Jackson, Billy Joel and Bobby McFerrin and written songs for Barry White, Maysa and Vanessa Rubin amongst others, and was the voice of ‘Miller Lite’ for three years. Marlon possesses an incredibly soulful voice which combine with Organic grooves and meaningful lyrics to produce an outstanding album. It will appeal to lovers of our Organic Soul series and those of artists as diverse as D’Angelo, Maxwell, Marvin Gaye Al Green and Curtis Mayfield. The album comprises of self penned contemporary songs with a retro 70’s Afro- centric funky soul feel. This is evidenced by tracks like ‘Afro – Blue My Mind’ and ‘Keep On Doin What Youre Doin’, a modern soul style dancer ‘Love Serenade’ and beautiful mid numbers like ‘For Love’ and ‘The Beginning of Never’.

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