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Release date: 1 Feb 2019
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 101018
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‘Epilogue’ is Aaron Abernathy’s fourth album and follows on from ‘Prologue’, ‘Monologue’ and ‘Dialogue’ to continue the series he started in 2012. The multi-talented performer still has that Prince echo in his delivery with the lyrics following similar themes of self-exploration especially on the growling ‘End Of An Era’, the more mellow ‘Noelle’ and the mid tempo ‘Epilogue (Just Be Serious)’. The pacey ‘Lonely Nights’ adds contrast to the slower tempo of ‘Vent Of Love’, the stripped back piano and vocals of ‘The Bitter Things In Life’ and the strung out, lazy vibe of ‘I Want You Again’. ‘Wounded Hearts Club’ finds Abernathy in maybe hi most experimental with a variety of tempos working while ‘Revisions’ brings it back to dreamy, mid tempo soul. Another thought provoking album.

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