Ethiopiques Box(6X7″ Boxset)


Format: 7" single, Vinyl

Notes: (6 X 7″Box Set)

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Release date: 22 Apr 2017
Format: 7" single, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 6
SKU: 71902
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Limited Edition – 500 x 3 LP + DVD. Slow Motion Addict (X) British singer/songwriter Carina Round marks her third consecutive Record Store Day release with the tenth anniversary release of her third studio album, the critically acclaimed – “Slow Motion Addict” making its vinyl debut, re-packaged as “Slow Motion Addict (X)” the definitive collection, including the original album, compiled with previously unreleased and highly sought after bonus tracks as the 2 x LP “Slow Motion Rehab” and “Slow Motion Addict – A Film” making it’s DVD debut. This collection has been specifically compiled for Carina’s immensely loyal and passionate fan base, who have long championed for this release, in addition to to the many newer supporters Carina has gained as a member of the LA and Jerome AZ based band – Puscifer, with whom Carina is more recently a member, alongside fellow band mates including Maynard James Keenan, also of the bands Tool and A Perfect Circle, some of whom are discovering Carina’s solo repertoire for the first time. Proving herself as one of UK’s most enigmatic songstresses since the release of her 2001 debut album “The First Blood Mystery”. Round’s music has also won her fans and collaborators amongst highly regarded musicians such as: Ryan Adams, Billy Corgan, Dave Stewart and Brian Eno amongst many others. “Slow Motion Addict”: A1 Stolen Car A2 How Many Times A3 Gravity Lies A4 Ready To Confess A5 Want More A6 Take The Money A7 Down Slow B1 Come To You B2 Slow Motion Addict B3 January Heart B4 The Disconnection B5 The City “Slow Motion Rehab”: This double vinyl collection of previously unreleased alternative and remixed takes on the the original 12 track album offers listeners an entirely different perspective on the original album. A1 Slow Motion Addict (Baking Soda Blues Mix) A2 Down Slow (SoHo Zoloft Mix) A3 January Heart (Sizzurp And Styrofoam Mix) A4 Stolen Car (One Arm Bandit Watusi Version) B1 Come To You (Ambien.C.E Version) B2 Gravity Lies (MethylpheniDate Night Mix) B3 Want More (The Hold Card Shuffle Mix) B4 How Many Times (Adderall Or Nothing Mix) C1 Come To You (Diazepam Pam Mix) C2 Stolen Car (Acetaminoffended Mix) C3 Ready To Confess (Norco Shuffle Mix) C4 Come To You (OxyContin Picker Mix) D1 Ready To Confess (What’s Methamphetamine Is Yours Acoustic Version) feat. David A. Stewart D2 Down Slow (Heroin Lies The Truth Mix) D3 Slow Motion Addict (Monkey Lever G-Spot Waltz Version) D4 Come To You (Dramamine Drama Queen Mix). “Slow Motion Addict: A Film by Jesse Davey” – DVD:Based around tracks from the album “Slow Motion Addict”, Round plays the character “Maisie Scarlett”, who at first glance seems to be an everyday type of girl but who in fact is caught in a nightmarish situation where a small part of her soul dies every day. Over time, she experiences a series of small emotional deaths and must choose to continue her surreal journey or engage directly with the demons who torment her. Directed by award-winning filmmaker Jesse Davey, the film is entirely set to music but is nonetheless far from a conventional video promo.


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