Format: LP, Vinyl


Release date: 29 Jun 2018
Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New / null (About gradings)
SKU: 54704
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Incredible new collection of Millie Jackson sounds that have been mixed by Steve Levine from the original multi-track tapes with previously buried elements being brought to the fore give the tracks a fresh feel. The drama filled ‘I Cry’ is a superb, socio-political ghetto rap that sounds immense, her cover of ‘If Loving You Is Wrong…’ is cavernous and vast while the thumping ‘Bad Risk’ is elevated to new, emphatic heights. The northern soul favourite ‘House For Sale’ is beefed up and sounds superb and rich while the popping funker ‘Sweet Music, Soft Lights And You’ is another strong highlight but to be honest each track is a reward in itself – take a listen! Every track on this set is enriched by Steve’s deep knowledge of sympathetic production skills but the music is never taken over by this, rather enhanced and  given a new interpretation.


*Note – LP version is shorter than the CD and includes less tracks. Check the listing below for tracks.

Track listings:


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