Finally Nadine

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Format: CD


Release date: 22 Feb 2019
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 101068
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This debut, 5-track EP introduces us to the exciting sound of Londoner Nadine Lee (cousin of Theon Cross – featured here on trombone) The upbeat ‘Formula’ is a punchy, positive groove with lyrics speaking about empowerment – grabbing the moment and running with opportunity, something that Nadine does to good effect here while the more mid tempo ‘Better’ is a lovely duet that has folky touches with some lovely live percussion, acoustic guitar and piano running throughout with Nadine’s breathy voice sounding strong and sweet. ‘Special’ has a jazzy Latin swagger driven along by an urgent b-line and complemented by some incisive horns, the down-tempo ‘Unfinished’ again carries a strong message while this brief but highly promising introduction to Nadine Lee’s sound concludes with the bouncy, funky ‘Contagious’ with those horns again zipping in and out. Really good stuff and at the time of writing we’re the only store to carry this. An honour indeed!

3 reviews for Finally Nadine

  1. Donna Austin-Walker

    Nadine Lee, Absolutely talented and gifted young lady.
    Her songs are simply Amazing. May God always bless her and her super lovely voice.

  2. Tony Brown

    What an excellent project. The minute I put this cd on in the car my spirit was lifted!! I really went through a journey of emotions as I listened to the lyrics. I think there’s enough variety to appeal to most tastes. Can’t wait to see her Live.

  3. Jojo

    Absolute great music. Nadine is outstanding great musician. I had the CD on constant repeat for for weeks. Excellent musical sound. I highly recommend. The heart of Nadine is just music and love. Keep up the great work Nadine.

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