For You Specially


Format: CD

Format: CD
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First ever reissue of this rare Nigerian funk album from 1977, with echoes of reggae and disco. Mosco formed one of Nigeria’s most popular bands, the Funkees, in 1973. When they broke up, ‘For You Specially’ became his solo debut. ‘Wasting My Time’ kicks off the set firmly in the kind of skewed Lagos disco field that is as infectious as it is intriguing. ‘Usassa Funk’ reminds of William Onyearbor: very angular and almost space-age-on-a-budget. ‘Consolation’ has a great grumbling B-line and some galactic keys spitting out across the whole track, ‘Ada Aku’ is another deep, sweaty Nigerian disco gem full of organ stabs and a breathy trumpet solo. ‘It Ain’t Easy’ is a raw funk dancer with Harry’s lyrical swagger firmly in place while ‘Sweet Loving Girl’ sounds like he absorbed Daybreak’s ‘I Need Love’ and gave it a Lagos twist. Anyone into the Onyearbor NEEDS this record!

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