From Philly


Format: CD

Release date: 7 Feb 2020
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 101406
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Larombe – better known to collector’s as Larom Baker – hailed from Philly but worked mostly in LA – according to his story he was close to working with Motown, Solar and Curtom, but his output was limited to a grip of self-funded rarities. The huge modern soul banger ‘You’re The Best’ is presented in both original format and the extended ‘Curtom Disco’ version. Larombe handles ballads just as deftly as the dancers: the uptempo duet ‘Sweet Sensations’ is an early 80s slice of dream-boogie, the thumping, low slung groove of ‘Love Will Make It Better’ sounds like a rough take that was recorded off two live mics in a cellar (that’s a positive) while the sparkling ‘Right On Time’ also scores high. This is a fascinating look at the otherwise circumstance-obscured ouvre of a busy and creative mind.

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