From The Archive Vol. 2 Compiled By Volcov


Format: CD


Release date: 7 Sep 2018
Format: CD
Grade: New / null (About gradings)
SKU: 100827
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This second offering from Neroli label founder Enrico Crivellaro aka Volcov is an eclectic mix of tracks that the compiler felt were overlooked. With an already busy marketplace for 70/80s comps, Volcov turned his attention to releases from the past 10-15 years in order to shine a light on a selection of gems that may have slipped the net. There’s a strong jazz flavour to the many of the tracks here from the angular broken beat of ‘The Blue Room’ from Quentin Kane and Simon Sheldon, to Ian O’Brien’s mellower ‘Spiralling Prism’ and stops between. The headnodding tempo of Collective Peace’s soulful ‘Let The Music Play’ contrasts with Skymark’s heavily percussive slab of nu-fusion in the form of ‘Finding The Peace’ while Carleen Anderson’s laid back ‘All That Glitters’ is another strong moment. Lots of really good tracks to discover on this solid comp.

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