From The Vine


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Format: CD
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Debut album from Philadelphia’s Fresh Cut Orchestra, their ‘From The Vine’ set is a strong blend of sonic soundscapes and the 9 tracks here are built into a kind of ‘suite’ meant to be heard as a whole, cohesive unit. Definitely something of an aural journey with the ambient electronica of ‘Birth Of A Child’ heralding the entrance of the band, slowly emerging and opening out with brass and percussion hitting a crescendo. ‘Mother’s Love’ is in a more free/spiritual jazz vein while ‘Ritual Take’ has a long percussion intro before delving into an almost ‘prog-jazz’ blow out. ‘Elegy For A Mom’ is dominated by a gyrating double bass taking centre stage in a moment of contemplative reflection while ‘The Funeral’ is a sombre, slow waltz full of beauty and sorrow underpinned by a solemn horn section and some great guitar work. ‘Migration of The Spirit’ is a soaring, fiery, full on rock out really creating the idea of a victorious struggle before the uplifting, full band swagger of ‘Reawakening’ – at over 9 ½ minutes in length – comes in, gloriously. Almost as an antidote to the weighty 7 tracks that preceded it ‘Uptown Romance’ is a pleasing straight ahead jazz piece, before the band bow out with the experimental ‘Sanguine’: a free form voyage through all the styles ensemble know so well. Phenomenal album!

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