Full Circle


Format: CD


Release date: 26 Oct 2018
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 100913
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Surprisingly Brian Auger’s ‘Full Circle’ album (fittingly titled as it represents a return to the instrument that Auger first honed his skills on) is his first jazz piano album of his long career but the results are outstanding. A set steeped in standards and classics, the trio (completed by Karma Auger and Dan Lutz) deliver a masterclass in polished, classy mod jazz elegance. ‘Night In Tunisia’ is full of energy and pace, ‘Creepin’ majors on the cool swagger while ‘Little Sunflower’ is reinterpreted in a way that only hints at the original in a way that brings out a new originality. The perky ‘It Ain’t Necessarily So’ and the funky ‘Pools’ are also standouts on this mature, classy set.

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