Format: CD

Release date: 30 Jul 2021
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 1
SKU: 101853
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The Baylor Project ‘Generations’ is a quality new album that borders Soul and Jazz featuring Vocalist Jean Baylor and husband drummer Marcus Baylor. Jean’s vocals are extremely soulful throughout and she is backed by a large number of musicians including on some tracks strings and horns. ‘Strivin’ is an up tempo old school R&B jazzy number that really swings and features Kenny Garrett on Sax. ‘Happy To Be With You’ has gospel drenched vocals, ‘Love Makes You Sing’ is a lovely mid tempo ballad and there is a good version of Wayne Shorter’s ‘Infant Eyes’.

‘2020’ is a beautiful message song, Jean’s voice soaring above some great music. ‘Black Boy’ is another 8 minute track that keeps you hooked in,  ‘We Swing’ a nice jazzy track featuring Jazzmeia Horn and Dianne Reeves, and ‘Walk On By’ has some lovely melodies. Great music to listen to, we haven’t heard an album like this for sometime.

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