Girl / Wild Woman


Format: 7" single, Vinyl

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Format: 7" single, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
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This is the second release on Seb Whyte and Will Fox’s Motherlode Music label, dedicated to reissuing rare gems.

Stratus were a cross-genre rock band formed around 1974 in Rhinelander, Wisconsin, led by Robert Ackley. Originally recorded in 1976 at Wildwood Recording Studios, an embellished description of a basement in Rhinelander, Wisconsin. This release was funded by a local dentist and promoted by ‘Cathy’, Ackley’s muse and inspiration for the release and the track ‘Girl’ in particular. Only 1000 copies were ever pressed, the majority of which were subsequently distributed by the band at shows as pseudo-business cards, with many pristine original copies as a result becoming lost to time. The tracks have since resurfaced in Europe many years later, much to the surprise and joy of Ackley himself. Remastered from one of the last remaining mint condition original presses, this release is a must for all collectors of blue eyed soul and AOR rarities. This reissue marks the first release in 7” format since its 1976 debut, stylised with the same rhubarb and custard crossfade as the original label and undinked for optimal DJ use.

‘Girl’ is an effervescent soul-come-fusion rarity, replete with glorious drum breaks and affecting vocal and keyboard melodies. Ultimately the main side of this release, it features shimmering fender Rhodes and corruscating wah wah guitar effects, a groove which sounds like an phsychedelic scrub of the Boz Scaggs yacht-rock mainstay “Lowdown”.

‘Wild Woman’ on the other hand is a classic 70s psychgarage rock jam that has remained unheard since it’s original release.

Get down with your bad self, and grab one before they dissappear…


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