Give The People What They Want


Format: LP, Vinyl

Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 52204
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Sharon Jones spearheaded the retro Funk/Soul movement in the early 2000’s with a succession of great albums. Her band The Dap-kings are one of the tightest contemporary bands and have been used on many artists albums. ‘Give The People What They Want’ is another fine album featuring 10 Retro Soul tracks. ‘Stranger To My Happiness’and ‘Now I See’ are 60’s style Soul dancers, ‘We Get Along’ a nice mid tempo beat ballad, ‘Making Up and Breaking Up’ is a great beat ballad and ‘You’ll Be Lonely’ has a memorable hookline.The horn backed dancer ‘People Don’t Get What They Deserve’shuffles along nicely. Sharon’s voice is more subdued compared to her earlier material , but more soulful as a result. Nice album

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