Goodbye World


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Format: LP, Vinyl
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Vintange Texan soul act The Relatives first came to wider prominence through their 2013 album ‘The Electric Word’ and this new set was started in 2014 but came to a temporary halt due to leader Gene West’s ill health. The band (and West) resumed recording but Gene would pass away shortly before the album was completed. The Relatives fuse that psychedelic soul vibe with a gospel feel with delightfully lived in vocals and the social raps are there in tracks like ‘Rational Culture/Testimony’, ‘You Gotta Do Right’, the superb Charles Bradley sounding ‘This World Is Moving Too Fast’ while the hard 70s funker ‘What You Say’ sounds like something resurrected from long since forgotten tapes. ‘Forgive Me Now (Songbird Goes Home)’ is a bittersweet Gospel tinged mid tempo track that speaks volumes in light of Gene’s departure.


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