Groove Revolution


Format: CD

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Format: CD
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Number of discs: 2
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‘Groove Revolution’ is a 60 Track 4-CD epic excursion through a black power soundtrack encompassing a broad spread of styles and shades. Rarities mix with classics, street-funk with Soul-protest songs, Blaxploitation themes with Latin, jazz and Boogie on an eclectic voyage across the harder edge of 70s soul and funk. Cymande’s ‘Brothers on The Slide’ shares space with the Apple And Three Orange’s hard, low slung rarity ‘Curse Upon The World’, Camille Yarbrough’s famously sampled ‘Take Yo’Praise’ couples with the socio-funk of Little Beaver’s ‘Concrete Jungle’ while classics from James Brown, Fatback Band and Gil Scott-Heron (‘Night Train’, ‘Yum Yum’ and Home Is Where The Hatred Is’ respectively) join forces with obscurities by the Turner Brothers ‘Sound Of The Taurus’, Bobby Williams’ ‘Funky Superfly’ and ‘Eugene Blacknell ‘We Know We Got To Live Together’. The Vinyl issue is a single 12 track disc.

Track listings:

Disc 1

Disc 2

Disc 3

Disc 4


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