Havana 58


Format: CD

Format: CD
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Latin-Jazz greats Bahama Soul Club release their 4th full length in the form of ‘Havana 58’, an homage to Cuba’s pre-revolution heyday. The cocktail of soul, jazz and bossa is infused with elements of exotica and Tiki and really serve up a heady blend of sounds that transport you back to the swingin’ (late) 50s. ‘No Words’ is a hypnotic groover featuring Brenda Boykins laid back spoken word vocal, ‘Casino De Capri’ is a lush, orchestrated slice of in-flight jazz, the multi-layered ‘Eleggua’ features the Yorubs chants of Sexto Sentido, while the pulsating disco of ‘Tropicana Flight’ also features the aforementioned female vocal quartet. ‘Something Unique’ is pure exotica while ‘Dizzy’s Bounce’ is a jazzy dancer with an infectious foot tapping tempo.

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