Help For My Brother


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Release date: 8 Dec 2017
Format: CD
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Twenty-four track look at the work of Bobby Byrd on Federal, Smash and King between 1963 and 1968 and shows Byrd in a more soulful style. ‘Baby Baby Baby’ is a good big city soul dancer, the bustling ‘I’m Lonely’ is another good mover while the early sounding ‘Time Will Make A Change’ is a good beater from 65. ‘The Way I feel’ shows the early funk blueprint of James Brown while the Northern pounder ‘Lost In A Mood Of Changes’ should have wide appeal. ‘Ain’t No Use’ is a good, skipping dancer, ‘I Found Out’ is a decent pleading ballad while the ‘Funky Soul’ pairing shows how far the funk sound had been developed by ’67. ‘You Gave My Heart A Song To Sing’ is another pounding northern soul style dancer and what is a good collection of Byrd’s often less exposed work.

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