Highway One/ Conception: The Gift Of Love/ Un Poco Loco


Format: CD

Release date: 26 May 2017
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 100118
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This double CD includes the 3 albums that Bobby Hutcherson recorded for Columbia between 1978 and 1980. ‘Highway One’ is a fine album with the atmospheric ‘Secrets Of Love’ standing out. The Cedar Walton produced ‘Conception: The Gift Of love’ is the most mainstream, but has some nice moments such as the bright ‘Remember To Smile’. ‘Un Poco Loco’ is a brilliant album with the stunning ‘Ebony Moonbeams’ being the standout cut, though the equally compelling ‘Ivory Coast’ runs it close. Bud Powell’s ‘Un Poco Loco’ is given a fast Latin tinged workout. Awesome.

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