Hipnotic Lady/Dues (DJ Copy)


Format: 7" single, Vinyl

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Format: 7" single, Vinyl
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Future Flight were a five member group assembled by legendary Detroit producer in 1981. They consisted of five singers and musicians who individually and collectively worked with Lamont in the late 70s and early 80s, in particular the 1981 “Lamont” album (including “You Outta Be In Pictures”, “I Ain’t Playing” etc). The smooth sophisticated work of Lamont at that time is reflected in the one Future Flight album from which the two songs on this 7” single are taken.  A 7” single with these songs was issued at the time, albeit the reverse way around with the much sampled two-stepper “Hip-Notic Lady” becoming the most sought after. Original copies on Capitol exchange hands from between £50 and £100. Both songs are written and produced by Lamont Dozier himself.


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