Hometown : Detroit Sessions 1990-2014


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Release date: 6 Dec 2019
Format: LP, Vinyl
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 2
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Tribe was more than just a band, they embodied the ethos of a music, arts and activist concern that had at its heart the idea of a collective good for the community. The brainchild of Phil Ranelin and Wendell Harrison, these later era recordings – many of which are previously unreleased – are a document of the ensemble’s enduring vitality. The swaggering blues of ‘Wide And Blue’ contrasts with the percussive, spiritual poem ‘Ode To Black Mothers’, the lumbering ‘Conjure Man’ has a loping, funky spirituality about it while the Afro-Cuban ‘Libra Ahora’ shows another side of their sound. The lush, warm groove of ‘Hometown’ is steeped in a sublime beauty, the punchy ‘He The One We All Knew’ is a powerhouse of brass and piano while the politically charged ‘Marcus Garvey’ reinforces the message of black pride in a spoken word piece that engages all. Superb stuff. Essential.


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