Hum Dono


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Format: LP, Vinyl
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Jamaican saxophonist Joe Harriott recorded this epic Jazz album with Indian guitarist
Amancio D’Silva along with British musicians in 1969 in what might be one of the first
multi-cultural recordings in the UK. It has become recognized as a major recoding for
many years and reissue label owner Johnny Trunk claims it is the best British Jazz album
of all time, that may or may not be, but it certainly a very good and very unique album.
Ian Carr appears on Flugelhorn and Norma Winstone on wordless vocals on certain
tracks. ‘Stephano’s Dance’ and ‘Jaipur’ are tracks with tempo and ‘Hum-Domo’ a highly
rhythmic track, that clearly show all an Indian influence, whilst ‘N.N.N.T’ has a more
American jazz structure with D’Silva sounding like one of his influencers, Wes
Montgomery. Very interesting and intriguing album.


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