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Format: CD
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“I Believe In Love” is Rockie’s third album for A&M Records and it’s a masterpiece. 1981 was a golden
year for highly crafted soul music by extremely gifted singers, songwriters, arrangers, musicians and
producers, all super-engineered to perfection. Rockie contributes to the song writing here and is the
sole composer on one of the stand out songs “Give Our Love A Chance”. He is also co-writer on the
single, his signature song “Time To Think” with Ron ‘Have Mercy’ Kersey, and also writes alongside
Skip Scarborough, Jerry Peters and Alton McClain on this album.
With Rockie’s exceptional voice he can also take someone else’s song and make it is own, super
evident with the huge hit “You And Me” (originally by the group Exile). On the “I Believe In Love”
album it’s so hard to immediately recall original versions of “For You, For Love” by Average White
Band, “My Old Friend” by Al Jarreau, and “Talk To Me” by Al Green.
Then came “Rockie Robbins”, the MCA self-titled album from 1985 hits this new groove spot on
with songs and productions in the main from the Silverspoon team. There is also work from a
producer from his A&M days, Richard Evans who brings a more classic sound to “We Belong
Together”, a song co-written by Maxayn Lewis (of the Ikettes) and bass player Wornell Jones. Leon
Sylvers personally co-writes another of the stand out songs “Goodbyes Don’t Last Forever”, the single
“I’ve Got Your Number” and upbeat “Work For Love” further endearing this album to Rockie fans.


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