I Hope That You’Ll Be Very Unhappy


Format: CD

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Format: CD
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Australian Chelsea Wilson follows a long line of strong new female funky soul songwriters and performers and with ‘I Hope You’ll Be Very Unhappy Without Me’ she has made an album that stands up against anything previously produced. With the likes of Lance Ferguson on board the sound is rooted both in the now and the classic and the opener ‘I’m Through With Loving You’ has that undeniable Bamboo’s feel with Chelsea’s sweet vocals gracing a song about female empowerment. In fact there’s a theme running through the album, as witnessed on the title track, a cover of Esther Phillips’ ‘I Hope You’ll Be Very Unhappy Without Me’. ‘One Day At A Time’ is a sublime mid tempo crossover number that SHOULD be on the playlists of every new soul DJ out there (we have a ltd amount of 45s of this too) while the cover of Neyo’s ‘Closer’ is fantastic with an inventive use of the riff from ‘Shaft In Africa’. Many musical bases are tagged here with the down tempo blues of ‘I Let A Good Man Down’ mixing with the hectic funk of ‘Hit ‘em Like Ali’, an ode to the ‘Rumble in The Jungle’! As a first full length release packed with original material and strong covers this excels. Brilliant stuff.

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