If You’Re Not Part Of The Solution


Format: CD

Release date: 8 May 2019
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 101162
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This 11 track compilation documents some of the music that reflected and inspired the Black Consciousness movement of the late 60’s and early 70’s. It documents an important chapter in musical and social history. And more than that it highlights some exceptional music. Joe Henderson lends the superb Spiritual Jazz tune ‘If You’re Not Part Of The Solution…’, whilst Johnny Hammond Smith’s ‘Black Feeling’ has a righteous groove. Other gems include Harold Vick’s ‘H.N.I.C’, Clifford Jordan’s ‘John Coltrane’, Catalyst’s deep ‘Celestial Bodies’ and Johnny Lytle’s restrained groove ‘Tawhid’. But the comp is superb throughout.


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