In The Eye Of The Cat


Format: CD

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Format: CD
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Blending soundtrack style grooves with wild exotica, lounge jazz and psychedelica ‘Eye Of The Cat’ is an otherworldly voyage through the creative landscape of Alex Puddu’s musical vision. ‘The Bull’ is a good, chase-theme style mover, ‘Emerald’ again has a good dance tempo punctuated by that great breathy flute that features on several tracks, ‘Imerssioni’ is a mid-tempo slab of sleazy grooves while the title track ‘Eye Of The Cat’ is a drama filled dancefloor burner that you can imagine would work well on 60’s inspired psych dancefloors. ‘Mood Psychedelico’ is just that: a swirling, trance like trip into another sound dimension. Good album for people looking to expand their horizons.

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