Inventions And Dimensions (180Gm)


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Release date: 11 Oct 2019
Format: LP, Vinyl
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Herbie Hancock‘s third album ‘Inventions And Dimensions’, recorded on 30th August 1963, sees the pianist with only rhythm accompaniment. Willie Bobo sits in on drums and Osvaldo Martinez adds percussive support whilst the imperious Paul Chambers fills the bass slot. It is an unusual album. This set was reissued in the early 70’s under the name ‘Succotash’ with Bobo and Herbie given equal billing. ‘Succotash’ is an expansive and experimental opening, being quite unlike anything Hancock had recorded previously. He was to explore similar territory with ‘The Egg’ on the follow-up album ‘Empyrean Isles’ albeit in a more traditional quartet setting. Hancock’s complex melodic sense pervades on ‘Triangle’, which is ostensibly a more mainstream blues. His improvisational ability takes it way beyond just that. A Latin feel permeates the percussive ‘Jack Rabbit’. Whilst Herbie’s solo is full of invention, his classical training is well to the fore. Bobo’s solo is incredible too. The delicate yet intricate ‘Mimosa’ slows the otherwise breathless tempo down a tad. With the benefit of hindsight these early Blue Note Hancock sets show a diversity to his approach to Jazz and music in general. Herbie scythes across the keys on ‘A Jump Ahead’ like a crazed cat. It is a very fast tune with Bobo in inspired form on this trio piece with no Martinez present. ‘Inventions And Dimensions’ is a fascinating, under-rated and under-appreciated set in the vast Hancock back catalogue that exemplifies the pianist’s explorative mindset.


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