It Rains Love


Format: CD


Release date: 5 Apr 2019
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 101101
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At 68 years old Soul legend Lee Fields shows no signs of letting up on his journey of self expression and on ‘It Rains Love’ we once again hear him at his vintage best – that pleading tenor working in harmony with the crashing beat ballads and social raps that he cries into the mic. From the optimism filled title track’ and the celebratory ‘Blessed With The Best’ to the current affairs commentary of ‘Wake Up’, all the familiar themes are explored and delivered with gusto. The pounding ‘Two faces’, the thumping mid 60s fuelled ‘Will I Get off Easy’ and the rolling ‘Love Prisoner’ are also standouts on this gem of a set. The cavernous ‘A Promise Is A Promise’ is a growling soul-beater while the the expansive slowie ‘Love Is The Answer’ closes the album out in emphatic fashion. Brilliant as ever.

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