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Release date: 15 May 2020
Format: LP
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Louisville, Kentucky born Lamont Butler was the son of a well-known gospel, blues and R&B singer and pianist Clifford Butler Sr, who cut his teeth with groups such as The Enterprise, The Dynamics and The New Beginnings eventually going solo with Lamont Butler and The Spirit of Truth. Released in 1981, ‘It’s Time For A Change’ is the only document of his solo efforts and is a truly rare and sought after original. The emphatic ‘Ungodly War’ combines jazz and funk to devastating effect: a roller coaster of a track that pounds away for nearly 4 1/2 minutes – the highlight of the album and the cut that has been the dancefloor choice of those lucky enough to own a copy. The more sedate ‘Brighter World’ finds the band stretching out and relaxing, ‘Love One Another’ is similar in feel while the pacier ‘Time For A Change’ is more uptempo. Indie gospel/soul-funk would be the best way to describe this set: vocally it may not be the greatest performance you’ve ever heard but this is worth it alone for the last track on the album.

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