J Jazz Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 1969-1984


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Format: CD
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Superb collection that unearths a the world of Jazz from a 25 year period in Japan – a country renowned for absorbing western influence in almost all forms – and reveals how dynamic the scene was over there. Rare, largely unheard and massively sought after by aficionados alike, ‘J-Jazz – Deep Modern Jazz From Japan 1969-1984’ will also introduce many to an array of deep jazz jewels from a nation bristling with talent. The crashing majesty of Koichi Matsukazi’s ‘Earth Mother’, Kiyoshi Sugimoto’s brilliant, post-bop killer ‘Long Neal’, Eiji Nakyama’s tight, compressed ‘Aya’s Samba’, the hard, frantic pace of Takeyo Uematsu’s ‘White Fire’ and the ebb and flow of Karashima Fumio’s ‘Little Island’ (touches of Go Go Penguin – albeit much earlier – in there) are standouts on a nine track offering of engaging and sparkling Japanese jazz from a golden period.

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