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Format: CD


Release date: 31 Aug 2018
Format: CD
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This 24 track collection marks the final chapter in this look at the work of the Detroit producer Jack Ashford, with 10 tracks coming from unissued masters. Sandra Richardson’s pounding take on Softouch’s ‘After You Give Your All’ is a good version while the aforementioned act’s killer ‘Say You Love Me Boy’ is included here. Cecil Norman Jr’s dreamy ballad ‘How Long Has It Been Since You Had A Love Affair’ oozes class, Billy Sha-rae’s northern classic ‘I’m Gone’ sounds as gritty as ever, Eddie Parker’s gruff ‘I Need A True Love’ is a steely slab of fuzzy northern while Ray Gant & The Arabian Knights offer the shady funker ‘Air’. Brenda Cook’s delicate ‘Along Again’ contrasts with Lorraine Chandler’s rough edged, pleading ‘Don’t Leave Me Baby’ while Four Sonics Plus One’s sundown harmony ‘Lost Without You’ is deep with a beat and then some. Great set.

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