Jack Moves


Format: CD

Release date: 8 Sep 2017
Format: CD
Grade: New / null (About gradings)
SKU: 100284
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New York duo The Jack Moves (aka Zee Desmondes and Teddy Powell) have crafted a stunning album of throwback sweet falsetto beat laden ballads, uptempo vintage grooves and subtle throwback dancefloor moments on their self-titled debut set. Blending the aesthetic of groups like The Moments and Delfonics among others with the slick modern day reflective boogie of Tuxedo/Mayer Hawthorne, The Jack Moves excel at capturing the essence of old school vibes while keeping everything relevant for the now. ‘Season’s Change’ is the pick of the uptempo cuts: an irresistible ease permeates throughout, ‘Lucky Charm’ is a super-delicate, sugary beat ballad that just exudes class, ‘Doublin’ Down’ brings to mind the drama filled sweet with a beat best of The Moments/Delfonics while ‘Lovers Masquerade’ has an early 80s groove mixed with those falsetto vocals to perfection. Lots to enjoy here. Strong, excellently crafted stuff.

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