James Mckenzie And The Mckenzie Brothers


Format: LP, Vinyl

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Release date: 30 Aug 2019
Format: LP, Vinyl
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This album is actually a pairing of the choice cuts from two albums: James McKenzie’s solo end of the 70s effort and his later release with his brother on their only set together. Think Miami Yacht soul with folk, jazz and independent AM singer-songwriter stuff thrown in – Steely Dan, David Crosby and Bobby Cauldwell blended with an earnest, hopeful, self funded project. The sea breeze flows through the gentle bump of ‘Lady Is Love’, the pacier ‘Two Ladies’ no doubt borrowed its tempo from that Hialeah disco sound while the gentle Island shimmy of ‘Felt Her Fire’ adds some swagger. The quiet power of ‘Birth Is Love’ is drive by an insistent b-line and some rolling drums while the waltz of ‘Lonely Girl’ switches in and out of tempos. Check the light bossa of ‘Joni’s Little Song’ for some easy, floaty summer vibes. Interesting set that brings to light this otherwise hidden duo.

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