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Format: CD

Format: CD
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Every once in a while, an album comes along by a new artist that raises the bar and blows you away (think D’Angelo, Badu, Maxwell). Jarrod Lawson has made one of those albums although all together different from those artists, his debut comprises songs and musicianship of such quality it is like a breath of fresh air. Jarrod writes songs with meaning, sings with true feeling and beautiful harmonies, and his keyboard playing is superb throughout. Jarrod sits in the Jazzy Soul camp, vocally somewhere between Benet and Omar, but musically a bit jazzier. Every one of the 12 songs are noteworthy, some of the highlights are the driving groove ‘Sleepwalkers’, mid tempo’s ‘He’s There’ and ‘Walk in the Park’ and the slightly faster ‘Gotta Keep’. This one of the most complete albums in many years and it needs to be heard in its entirety. This is such an Uplifting  record . Album of the year . ESSENTIAL


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17 reviews for Jarrod Lawson

  1. Roger Williams

    I honestly can’t think of a better, more complete album in the past 20 years. Truly a landmark album, sheer musical artistry throughout in every single respect.

  2. Donavan Chambers

    Outstanding album, for all tracks. It’s hard to remember a solo artists album coming anywhere close. It gives you that delightful feeling like an album that is “The Best of…” or a real good compilation. He’ll be in demand.

  3. David Mcgrady (verified owner)

    Not for a long time have I had repeat repeat repeat on my player. What a absolutely stunning album. Wow

  4. peter warlow (verified owner)

    Absolute blinding debut album from Jarrod, one of the best ive heard in a long time. As your review says, the musicianship is outstanding throughout, but the harmonies are mind blowing. I’ve seen Jarrod in pictures with Take 6 and wondered if they feature on here, as ive only got a download version at the moment with no sleeve notes, but the quality is that good. This is a must buy and its gonna take something very special for this not to be my album of the year.

  5. Debbie (verified owner)

    What a brilliant album. Can’t stop playing it!!!!!
    Best album I’ve heard so far this year

  6. Danny Phillips

    I can’t get over how amazing this album is. I bought it last week and literally haven’t stopped playing it since, and when I’m not listening to it I’m replaying the melodies in my head. I’ve never been this blown away by an album – when I first heard it I thought I was in some sort of dream, where someone had created an album just for me, that pressed all the right buttons… it’s beyond mere words.

    Rich, layered production, outstanding musicianship (particularly Jarrod’s stunning keyboard playing), great songs and melodies, lyrics that resonate, Jarrod’s silky, soulful voice, and tight, colourful harmonies that run right the way through the album. It’s one of those albums that make your forward skip button redundant, you need it in your collection.

  7. Richard Rowland (verified owner)

    I have had this exceptional album on download for four days now and also have just ordered the CD from yourselves. I have to think back a long, long time to think of an album that has had as much impact on me as this debut Masterpiece. Musically brilliant, lyrically deep, spiritual and meaningful with great vocals and keyboards from Lawson, fabulous harmonies and an overall feel of one of the most ‘ Complete’ albums for many a year. Yes there are echoes of Stevie, Donny Hathaway, D’Angelo and others, but Lawson also has a sound & feel all of his own. Equally appealing to Soul & Jazz fans this album is set to ‘explode’ here in the UK over the coming weeks. A real genuine talent and an album that should be available to everyone on all formats[ download, CD & Vinyl]. Stand out tracks for me are’Music & It’s Magical Ways’ , ‘ Sleepwalkers’, ‘ Walk In The Park’, All That Surrounds’ & ‘ Needed’ – but this has to heard as a ‘whole’ – Essential !!

  8. Tom Toher (verified owner)

    Have nearly worn out my copy since I took delivery. Album of the year by a country mile.

  9. gary morris

    i downloaded this amazing album over a month ago and have played it continously since. back in the 1970,s i would buy an entire LP for just one or two tracks. my buying habits have changed since then & today i am a lot more choosey about the purchase of a CD/album, as so many contain fillers of weaker material. this is not the case with jarrod lawson. one of the most complete albums of the last 20-30 years. this guy deserves to be huge but in a selfish way i hope he remains a secret to only true soul fans

  10. luge n legal

    Came across this album a few months ago while searching for new tunes ….and wow !!!! just hit me a real fresh honest musician …..with such a great voice ….then saw him and his band perform in manchester Band on the wall …one of the best concerts i’ve been to in years …..what a great sound and great band …..great voice …Jarrod Lawson ….come back soon ….. when you listen to this album it one of those you just keep playing over and over …and then go and tell your friends to get it too …..album of the year for me …..and one of the best performance’s I’ve been to in years …..

  11. TLD

    I first heard All That Surrounds on a local station and I immediately shazamed it to find out who it was. Then went to iTunes to purchase it and a few others. Best artist I have heard in a long time. Very soulful and jazzy. He should be more popular than he is. Everyone needs to hear his music.

  12. stan mcdonald

    When I first heard Music and its Magical Way Ways, i had to pull my car over. Stunning, and the album

    does not disappoint. Superb musicianship , iyrics , harmonies, and a voice from heaven.

    Best debut I ve heard since Frank McCoomb. Cant wait to see Mr Lawson in April.

  13. Crawford (verified owner)

    Being a vocal harmony freak I had to buy this album.His jazzy vocal arrangements are astounding.There is no filler track on this cd.Looking forward to his follow up.

  14. Patrick Johnstone (verified owner)

    To echo what other reviewers have written here, this is a superb album – great rhythmic and jazzy piano playing, and soulful, Stevie-esque vocals on every track. A tight band, too, and really nicely produced. This also had me scurrying back to Donny Hathaway, who Lawson names as a key influence.

  15. Katja Mattock

    Bowled over by this album. A real bolt to the mind and soul. Discovered whilst working in a client’s home and straight away it was like returning home to a feeling induced by it’s very composition style, that I have not felt for a very long time from a piece of music. The voice so polished and truly beautiful. Jarrod has mastered a unique blend of the most satisfying aspects of other musical styles. Incognito
    also comes to mind. Want to spread the word. And when is he next in the UK?

  16. Reginald Cardwell

    Just hearing this, soul 5 star studded CD taking it’s position on top of the musical world, play on player!

  17. Reginald Cardwell

    Want to hear more!

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