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Bob James is one of those artists who made the transition from Jazz Fusion to Smooth Jazz effortlessly. Not surprisingly since Bob’s early eighties albums like ‘H’ and ‘Touchdown’ were forerunners of the genre. Bob James’ light touch and ear for a simple yet effective melody makes his music suited to the radio format. Strange to think that he started off playing avant-garde Jazz and he mixed in elements of classical music in his CTI days. ‘Joyride’ is far cry from free Jazz, this was 1999 not 1969. Of its elk, though ‘Joyride’ is one of his best recordings. Its strength, apart from the song writing is catching the mood of its time. Guest musicians like Boney James captured that mood. James’ playing is delicate and pretty and fits the easy on the ear grooves like ‘Raise The Roof’, the lilting ‘Swingset’ and ‘It’s All Right’. ‘Joyride’ is just what it says on the tin.

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