Let Me Be Your Lover


Format: CD

Release date: 13 Sep 2019
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
SKU: 101277
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Long regarded as a grail amongst collector’s, this rare 1978 album would set you back in excess of £500 on original so this bright sounding issue is a welcome sight. The classic ‘Gonna Find A True Love’ is here in its full 5:21 minute version, the sparkling boogie of ‘Funk Machine’ shows one side of the album’s sound while the spacey, languid ballad ‘You Give Me Somebody To Love’ is at the opposite end. In between we find the Lou Rawls sounding ‘Let Me Be Your Lover’, the mid tempo narrative-rich ‘He’s A Loser’ and the creeping, southern funky blues sound of ‘Disco Dream’ (as far from disco as you can probably get!) Grab this before it vanishes.

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