Loma Northern Soul Classics & Reverlations 1964-1968


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Format: CD
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The Loma label operated between 1964-1968 and released many revered Northern and 60’s Soul dancers. It operated in both New York and L.a. and featured arrangements and production from Jerry Ragavoy, George Kerr, Van McCoy, Gene Page, Willie Hutch and others. This CD compilation Loma Northern Soul is a mix of the loved and cherished sides as played on the Northern Soul scene from the early 70s onwards, to brand new master tape finds that will give this ageing cultural movement a timely shot in the arm for the ‘20s and beyond.


The Marvellos open with ‘It’s Your Love That I Need’, a 1966 Willie Hutch song that has only just been unearthed and is setting dancefloors alight with its mid-60s soul perfection. Their classic ‘Something’s Burnin’’ is here along with a recent gem, ‘I Need You’ that is also digitally presented for the first time too. The equally accomplished and respected Invincibles have a solid three dance tracks – none of which were issued at the time. ‘Heartstrings’ is the catchy dancer destined to go big, while ‘Please Be True’ is for connoisseurs of the Impressions’ vocalising style. ‘Got A Thing Goin’’ however is a manic stomper for super-fit dancers and acrobats only – reminiscent of Little Joe Cook’s ‘I’m Falling In Love With You Baby’. Philly’s Ben Aiken made his Northern name with the irrepressible ‘Satisfied’ when we were teenagers. Two unreleased nuggets ‘That’s All I Gotta Do’ and ‘If You Should See Her’ will keep him known and revered through our later years. Carl Hall’s evergreen ‘Mean It Baby’ is augmented by his ‘Like I Told You’ – a real grower. The girls join in with the legendary Linda Jones’ ‘My Heart Needs A Break’ opus, Delilah Kennebreuw’s Spectoresque collector’s favourite ‘Bright Lights’ and the girly stomper that is ‘See The Silvery Moon’ by the Apollas.  Early-scene mod sounds are provided by the mysterious Clyde & The Blue Jays who tell us how to do ‘The Big Jerk’, the Olympics revert to the R&B of their earlier career with ‘I Finally Got A Break’ before their Mirwood soul makeover. Billy Storm tears it up with ‘Baby Don’t Look Down’ , an early song from the man who would give us the soundtrack to Toy Story – Randy Newman. The Enchanters’ ‘Just A Little Longer’ is a mid-60s Drifters’ soundalike, fresh from the tape reel. The Soul Shakers’ ‘I’m Getting Weaker’, Kell Osborne’s ‘You Can’t Outsmart A Woman’ and Larry Laster’s ‘Go For Yourself’ are accepted as the building blocks of the Northern Soul scene and still sound wonderful. Sleepers include Bobby Freeman’s magnificent ‘Lies’, Tony Amarro & The Chariots’ ‘Runnin’ Around’ and the dynamic production of Charles Thomas’ ‘The Man With The Golden Touch’.With such high-quality sides to choose from, we have treated ourselves to two “enders” – Bobby Reed’s beautiful ‘I’ll Find A Way’ one of Van McCoy’s very best and Tommy Starr’s melancholic ‘Better Think Of What You’re Losing’. Great comp for anyone into Northern or 60’s soul, featuring many unreleased sides.

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