Love Changes: The Anthology 1972-1983


Format: CD

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Format: CD
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37 track double CD of what many consider to be the premier black soul-and-rock bands of the 70s, Atlanta’s Mother’s Finest’. This collection pulls together album and single tracks from an eleven year span. The gorgeous southern ‘You Move Me’ showcases Joyce Kennedy’s incredible voice that isn’t dissimilar to Chaka Khan, while ‘Living Hero’ also has that rich, warm punchy southern vibe. The breadth of styles here encompasses both hard rock edged funkers like ‘Monster People’, to a pseudo-disco number in the form of ‘Dis Go Dis way Dat Go Dat Way’ to the boogie of ‘Don’t Wanna Come Back’. The stepper ‘Love Changes (Love Will make You Oh So happy) is a fantastic, punchy head nodder while ‘Victory’ is a big, dramatic emphatic uptempo number. Highly accomplished band that defied categorisation!

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