Luxury Soul 2014


Format: CD

Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 3
SKU: 97094
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Luxury Soul 2014 is a great treble CD comp featuring 34 new Soul tracks, nearly half of them exclusive to CD on this set. Highlights are many but include Lady L ‘Loves Masterplan’, Darryl Miller ‘This thing called love’, Soul Talk ‘Is it me you’re thinking of’, Bashiyra ‘One shot at love’, Natasha Watts ‘Change’, Zed Soul ‘Another lover down’, Incognito ft Kellie Sae ‘Brighter than the sun’, Randy Choice ft Jean Carn ‘Since you came my way’ Marcia Mitchell ‘For Love’, Begger & Co ‘Open Sesame’ and Leon Ware ‘Work me’.

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