Luxury Soul 2019


Format: CD


Release date: 4 Jan 2019
Format: CD
Grade: New (About gradings)
Number of discs: 3
SKU: 100965
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Possibly the best Luxury Soul collection to date, some of the best current soul tracks feature here on CD for the first time including music by Marc Evans, Steve Nichol, Phillip Leo, Buscrates, Ronnie McNeir and ..lead tracks on albums by Blu Mitchell, Natasha Watts, Nickee B, Chris Jasper, Cecily, Chris Strandring with Mica Paris, Euge Groove with Rahsaan Patterson, exclusive tracks by Dira (produced by Incognito), Gina Foster, Boogie Back and first new song from One Way in 25 years. Extraordinary high quality music at an amazing value price. Hard to beat.

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